3x5.25" to 4x3.5" 2.5" SFF-8643+U.2 12Gb/s HDD SSD Hot-swap kit R34-12GB-U.2


Motherboard Size




  • MODEL: R34-12GB-U.2
  • The mobile rack backplane for 3.5in SAS II/SATA III turns three 5.25" bays into a hot-swappable interface for up to four 3.5” SATA or SAS hard drives (HDD)
  • MAXIMUM COMPATIBILITY: The hot swap backplane for 3.5in SAS II/SATA III can interface with SATA I/II/III and SAS I/II hard drives -- an ideal solution for enterprise system applications
  • EASY TO USE: For a quick and secure method of installing and removing drives, the trayless hot swap mobile rack backplane features ejection levers and a key-lock design
  • MAINTAIN OPTIMAL TEMPERATURE: To help prevent drive failure, the aluminum mobile rack backplane provides drive cooling with a built-in fan and excellent heat dissipation with a vented enclosure
  • Connect and hot swap four 3.5in SATA III or SAS II hard drives to your computer system in three 5.25” bays, with latest SFF-8643+U.2 backplane support for SATA 12Gb/S